Málaga Car collaborates with Adapa

Help us to compensate for your enviromental impact!

Malagacar collaborates us to fund ADAPA tree planting projects around Malaga province. As these forests grow, they absorb carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas driving climate change) eliminating the pollution created by your trip. You can also help us in this project:

3 €


1 Tree

30 €


10 Trees

100 €


33 Trees

Trees are essential to maintaining our climate and biodiversity

How do we live? What do we eat? How do we get around?

Our daily way of live has a huge impact on our planet. Day by day, CO2 emissions are created by driving cars, heating, cooking, working, celebrating and flying. It is important to be aware of the amount of CO2 emissions created by your personal way of life.

Climate change is affecting all regions of the world. Extreme weather events are becoming more common and are expected to intensify in the coming decades. Green House Gasses (GHG) are the primary cause of this change and CO2 is the most common GHG produced by us. Transport represents almost a quarter of Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities.


Although the car is the symbol of our individual mobility, at the same time, a significant amount of emissions with a harmful effect on the climate is given off by individual, motorised mobility. Our individual ecological footprint is determined by this to a considerable extent. For this reason, it is important to travel by car as little as possible, to drive energy-efficient vehicles and to offset the unavoidable CO2 emissions in a climate protection project. That is why, road transport is by far the biggest emitter accounting for more than 70% of all GHG emissions from transport in 2014, according to the European Commission.

Compensate your carbon footprint!

You can compensate your unavoidable emissions by supporting high-quality ADAPA climate protection projects

Carbon Neutral – or Net Zero Carbon – is a term used to describe the state of an entity (such as a company, service, product or event), where the carbon emissions caused by them have been balanced out by funding an equivalent amount of carbon savings elsewhere in the world. These savings are generated through helping to fund renewable energy projects and energy efficiency projects, many of which bring additional social and community benefits in developing countries as well as reducing greenhouse gases. You can compensate your unavoidable emissions by supporting high-quality ADAPA climate protection projects.


Malagacar collaborates with us to fund ADAPA tree planting projects

These climate protection projects reduce not only climate-impacting emissions, but also contribute to sustainable development in Malaga region. This benefits not only the climate but also the local population.

In Malagacar, we determine the CO2 emissions of a car that arise during a car journey. Our calculation is made per car and not per person. It not only takes into account the direct emissions arising from fuel combustion but also so-called grey emissions.

These arise from the production of the vehicle, the provision of road infrastructure and the extraction, transportation and processing of the crude oil.

Our aims is to fully map the emissions caused and includes not only direct emissions during the car journey but also indirect emissions. These arise during the production, maintenance and disposal of vehicles, during the processing of fuel or electricity, and in the provision of infrastructure (roads, petrol stations, etc.). The aim is to provide users with a simple way to raise awareness and lead to offsetting. 

Due to the highest project standards, the projects we support must also have a positive long-term influence on local living conditions from an economic, ecological and social perspective. This creates a win-win situation, as both the climate and people in Malaga benefit directly.

Trees contribute to the global environment

Trees are essential to maintaining our climate and biodiversity. Trees contribute to the global environment by improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. During the process of photosynthesis, trees take out carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and produce the oxygen we breathe. Trees are the largest plants on the planet and the longest living species on earth, providing a link between the past, present and future.

Some Oak trees for instance can live for over 1.000 years, so a woodland planted today could easily outlive all of us and provide a long term carbon store. 

By supporting ADAPA tree planting projects, you can compensate for your environmental impact, protect wildlife and benefit local communities

Thank you so much for your support!